A Treat for Mom and Dad - Ryan Matz Photography

A Treat for Mom and Dad!

I had a fun time planning with Diane a photo shoot with Elijah and Ella. They are a fun brother/sister duo visiting from Maine while their parents were away for work. This final product is a surprise for Mom and Dad who will get to see the photos later this summer. (SHHHHHH!)

The fun with this shoot is that we truly had no planned shots. We just played at Diane's home that is in the Oley Valley. The property is a farmhouse with two barns, gardens, and a lovely creek.  This is a chance for me to take off my Keens and jump into the creek with the camera and start shooting!

It was a lot of fun to hang out with Elijah and Ella. We did the shoot in our bare feet; it felt like being a kid again!  I hope you enjoy this snapshot from the photo shoot.



Go put your bare toes in the grass, it's a nice change!    


Ryan Matz Photography

I love to tell stories with Photography and show the beauty we have with in us all.
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