Holiday Greeting Cards 101

‘Tis the season to start thinking about sending out holiday greeting cards. Even though we live in a digital world, there’s something special about receiving snail mail around the holidays and displaying them proudly for weeks. So, are you ready to make a card worthy of sitting on the mantel? Here are my tips on creating wow-worthy cards.

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Picture This

Picture This Personal/Family photos always take front and center. Family and friends like to see how your family has grown throughout the year. Take the time to pick just the right photo that shows your family’s faces and energy. You can use the back of the card for more fun and artistic snaps of the family. This is always a great time to use photos from a photography outing with Ryan Matz Photography or from a Holiday Mini session I offer.

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Order Holiday Greeting Cards Early

Now is the time to order. The holidays can be stressful trying to get everything done in time. Let Ryan Matz Photography help you in this process, I can help you find the best card design, or load them into an online card center for you create your own.

Preview this years designs

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Send Them All at Once

If you can, try to send them all at once. Making several trips to the post office during the holiday season can become stressful. Also, if you have a square greeting card or an odd-size, you’ll want to make sure you know the correct postage amount before buying the stamps.

Order now!

If you are interested in ordering holiday cards from your session please reach out to me! I can place the image into the system for you and even create a card that best fits your family's personality!

Let's make this years cards magic and keepers! 


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